Tangopluma Music Publishing

Edition Tangopluma

Classical Tango Music for Your Ensemble

Edition Tangopluma will publish classical "Golden Age" tangos, milongas and valses for all kinds of bands and line-ups. The arrangements will be faithful to the original style as played by orquesta tipicas during the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. For practical reasons we will concentrate on compositions that are free of copyright, which is a constantly growing body of finest tango music, today containing such pieces as Gallo Ciego, Don Juan, Felicia, Fumando Espero and El Lloron, to name just a few. Compositions by Carlos Gardel are also in our program.

All items in our catalog will be available as downloadable PDF files containing a full score and parts for all the instruments in the line-up. Paper printouts might be added to our program later.

A webstore will be opened here soon. Please be back in a few monts!